Darkwritertool is a plagiarism checker freeware created with writers, journalists and lawyers in mind. With a huge daily amount of texts they should generate or deal with, it’s rather difficult to stay absolutely unique.

On the other hand, there are countless content scrapers out there on the internet, who monitor latest publications of original content with the only purpose – to lift it and then use it to their own advantage. Nothing can stop them from committing plagiarism, but you. Especially when you are armed with such a tool as plagiarism checker freeware. That was the key idea behind creation of Darkwritertool, an online plagiarism detection software freeware, which is available for you for free!

Plagiarism Checker Software Freeware Ensures Your Content Security

One of the advantages that makes Darkwritertool a helpful plagiarism detection software freeware is that it stays accessible 24/7. The only thing needed is a stable internet connection. The algorithm of checking texts with this plagiarism checking software freeware is very simple. You paste a text into the box and click the button to scan it and voila – the report is ready to help you out.

This online plagiarism checker software freeware searches for text matches across the entire internet to return relevant results including even those which have minor duplication. This will enable you to get maximum use out of this free tool and ensure your content is really unique and wasn’t stolen by any evil-doer.

Technically Darkwritertool is being constantly updated and tailored, so that you can receive precise scanning results without wasting time on checking the sources which have no substantial text duplication compared to the text you are checking.

This is Why Darkwritertool is Worth Trying

The reason to use Darkwritertool are obvious, but worth being mentioned. By taking advantage of it on a regular basis, you:

  • Avoid plagiarism claims
  • Ensure your content originality
  • Get high appraisal of your work
  • Find content thieves
  • Protect your intellectual property

Get into the habit of using Darkwritertool upon completion of each article, review, etc. and you will gradually build up a reputation of a professional journalist, writer, editor or lawyer.